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Inspiración Flamenca uses dynamic, internationally-trained, professional flamenco dancers and musicians. Beautiful costumes, undulating arms, firey footwork, intricate guitar, and soul-stirring vocals come together to deliver an unforgetable show.

Director/Founder, Julia Chacon has over 15 years of international performing and production experience. She founded Inspiración Flamenca in 2008 and provides an authentic, powerful flamenco performance.

Flamenco was born in the south of Spain and influenced by diverse cultures including Judaic, Gypsy, Arabic, and Spanish Catholic cultures. It is an exuberant expression of the human condition that reaches us through rhythm, heartbeat, quietude, and combustion. Through flamenco we transcend boundaries and connect. Inspiración Flamenca's mission is to share this connection; to celebrate the community nature of flamenco and to promote cultural understanding through this rich and complex art.

Contact Julia to book a performance.


  • Flamenco requires a minimum 10x12 foot space and a floor to accomodate percussive dance. We can provide a floor.
  • Flamenco can be acoustic or may require amplification in a larger space. We can provide a sound system.
  • Flamenco includes guitar, singing, and dance. We customize the performance to your vision.

Available packages include one to five dancers and are tailored to your event. Solo or duo guitarists may be booked to play before the dance begins.

Artists who have appeared with Inspiración Flamenca include:
Javier Heredia, Vicente Griego, Ricardo Anglada, Chuscales, Kristofer Hill, Ramona Garduno, Martin Gaxiola, Joaquin Gallegos, Jesus Muñoz, Tamara Sol, Elena Osuna, Carolyn Holguin, Domino Martinez, Meagan Chandler, Mario Febres, Alejandro Pais, Ileana Gomez, Mina Fajardo, Miquela Weigel, Amanda Crocker, Charo Perez, Veronica Medina

Please contact Julia for more information.

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